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News and updates – 27/1/2013


First of all since we currently provide both iMacros scripts and Ubot bots for automation, if you see word “script” that mean iMacros script, if you see word “bot” this mean Ubot bot.

There are several news and updates, so let’s start.

1. LinkGroup GOLD, LinkGroup PRO and LinkConn PRO were updated (fixed bug with current_position)

2. New LinkInvite script soon will be released – it auto send invites to selected people, auto select shared group or business, also you can send your message instead of default one, it also saves people id’s to prevent from sending to same people.

3. Small spintax script will be soon released for free – nice thing to randomize your text, article or posts.

4. New tumbler follow by tag script will be soon released

5. New Yahoo account creator bot will be soon released with ccleaner support to clean flash cookies, with auto generating content to fill, with proxy support and with deathbycaptcha support.

6. Souncloud Auto follow bot and script will be soon released.

7. Soundcloud Auto like script will be soon released.


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Latest changes and updates

backlink1Hi all!

We have several important updates and changes to announce, so let’s start.

1. New bot has been released – Auto backlink checker is now available, so if you want to check if your website backlinks still appear – this bot is made for you, especially useful after buying backlinks creation service from someone.

2. We have lowered prices on many of our bots, so feel free to browse, also don’t forget about our discount coupons .

3. New bots are sold for extremely low prices – only $19.99 – feel free to visit them: techyv bots, auto backlink checker – the price will rise soon, so hurry up!

4. We have updated our Support policy: from now on you get free bots updates for 45 days from purchase date, after it you can pay per one-time update $9.99 or have lifetime free bots update service for $9.99/month.

See full support policy description:

lifetime-updatesSupport and delivery:

  •  We provide full technical support for our valued customers after each purchase.
  • Each script is meticulously tested before dispatched to customer, so you’ll always get most updated working iMacros script.
  • Handling/testing and fixing may take up to 3 days, so please be patient.
  • We do our best effort to provide robust working script as soon as possible.
  • We will send your script with example of source file as attachment to your email.
  • You will get full refund if we won’t be able to provide full working iMacros script.
  • Please note, that you can start Skype chat if you need immediate help.
  • All our scripts will work until any change on target website or service.
  • You get FREE bot updates for the period of 45 days from purchase date.
  • After 45 days you can order one-time bot update or Lifetime free bots update service
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New Bots added for sell

We have added several new bots for sell:

1. Auto ask question on – this bot takes data from file and auto ask question on without login and registration. If you want to ask many questions on techyv without registration – this bot is made for you.

2. Auto post question on – this bot takes data from file and post questions on with it. If you have account on techyv and want to automate posting process – this bot is made for your.

3. Youtube comment auto like bot – this bot takes data from file, logs in to youtube, opens stated video and search for stated comment (by username of commenter), likes found comment and repeat. If you have many youtube accounts and want to promote comment on youtube by liking it –  this bot is made for you.

4. Google search and click bot – this bot promts for keyword and URL to search, submit keyword to google and search for stated url link, when found it will click on it , wait random time interval, will open random link from file (usually your website internal link), wait random time interval and repeat after clear cookies. If you want to emulate google traffic to your website or blog – this bot is made for you.

5. Google Plus (Google+) friend follow bot – this bot prompt for link to someone’s google plus profile, opens it, scrape friends of that user and follows them one-by-one. If you want to follow some user’s friends on google plus – this bot is made for you.

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