News and updates – 27/1/2013

27 Jan


First of all since we currently provide both iMacros scripts and Ubot bots for automation, if you see word “script” that mean iMacros script, if you see word “bot” this mean Ubot bot.

There are several news and updates, so let’s start.

1. LinkGroup GOLD, LinkGroup PRO and LinkConn PRO were updated (fixed bug with current_position)

2. New LinkInvite script soon will be released – it auto send invites to selected people, auto select shared group or business, also you can send your message instead of default one, it also saves people id’s to prevent from sending to same people.

3. Small spintax script will be soon released for free – nice thing to randomize your text, article or posts.

4. New tumbler follow by tag script will be soon released

5. New Yahoo account creator bot will be soon released with ccleaner support to clean flash cookies, with auto generating content to fill, with proxy support and with deathbycaptcha support.

6. Souncloud Auto follow bot and script will be soon released.

7. Soundcloud Auto like script will be soon released.


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