Important information for Poshmark users

23 Feb
Important information for Poshmark users

Dear Poshmark software users,

Few days ago we have received multiple messages from our Poshmark software customers about message sent from Poshmark team, here it is:

We have recently received reports of concern around automated participation software and bots being used on Poshmark to engage with features such as sharing and following. Any use of these tools is not in line with the spirit of Poshmark and it hurts the trust within the community.  It is also against our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

We have been using a new analytics and data system that is able to sense and analyze activities across multiple time spans to identify this behavior.  If an account is found to be using automated participation tools, we will be forced to take immediate action.  Please note that any action taken will be based on the data collected by our systems and not based on any hearsay happening within the community.

If you have been using an automated participation tool, software, or robot, we ask that you discontinue using it immediately.  We appreciate those of you who have not used these tools and continue to abide by our guidelines.

Thank you,

The Poshmark Team

We would like to clarify what this message mean and what actions you should do according to this message.

First of all we want to certify that our software is undetectable by Poshmark from technical point of view, because it emulates real human behavior using real browser.

From the Poshmark server view there is no difference if real user opens the browser and perform share or our software do the same action – it is not possible to distinguish one from another using technical methods.

What they do is gathering behavior patterns to identify bot software usage by user.

For example if someone runs Poshmark share bot and set it to do 1000 shares with 2 seconds time interval – it is very easy for Poshmark to identify this behavior as “suspicious”, because it is unlikely that real human will seat half of hour sharing products non-stop every 2 seconds, so doing such thing is not very smart if you want keep your account “under radar”.

This is the main idea we want to share in this post: Be smart! Use the software reasonably!

Same security mechanisms appear on all major web sites like Facebook,  Google and LinkedIn but people are still using automatic software with great success on these websites for years !

The software is only tool and it is up to you how you use it.

Our software DOES NOT disables Poshmark security mechanisms – it emulates real human behavior to automate activity on Poshmark, so you don’t need to seat and share products by yourself – you can run the software which will do this for you.

If you use our software correctly it will save you HUGE amount of time and will improve your sales on Poshmark!

So what should you do to keep your account safe:

  1. Don’t use small time intervals between actions – try to think how much time it will take to perform this action for real human.
  2. Don’t send huge amount of actions per day – try to be reasonable.
  3. Create additional Poshmark test account to experiment with the software before running it on your real account.
  4. Understand the power of automation: you can run the bot while you are sleep or while you are away or just minimize it while you do other things on the computer – the software will do all stated actions automatically  and unattended.

What should you do if you have triggered security mechanism and poshmark asks to enter captcha before each share?

  1. Open in regular browser like chrome on your desktop computer.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Try to share the product – it should popup the captcha.
  4. Solve the captcha.
  5. Share the product again and make sure captcha does not appear anymore.
  6. Run the bot again.

Good luck!



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