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31 Dec

Other news and updates:

1. Starting from 1/1/2016 we are removing Facebook share discount of 2$ from all of our products – we are doing it because it was very ineffective.

2. Starting from 1/1/2016 new licenses can be used on 1 computer only instead of 2 computers, but all licenses bought before 1/1/2016 can be still used on 2 computers until they expire.

Plans for the next year:

1. We are planning to change update mechanism to make it more user friendly and effective.
2. We are planning to promote our new Poshmark software on different platforms and websites.
3. We are planning to add HMA VPN support to our traffic bots.
4. We are planning to add several features to our new Linkconnect software.
5. We are planning to move all our software to new ubot 5 platform to make it more stable and reliable.

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