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15 May

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Dear Linkgroup Gold bot user, We would like to keep you informed about Latest changes on LinkedIn which affects bot proper work.

As you know we have released Linkgroup Gold 3.4 with new functionality and options, but almost at the same time LinkedIn released new version of group messaging server which affects proper work of the bot.

We have some information which we would like to share with you.

We have received several reports that Linkgroup gold 3.4 stops working after sending more than 500 messages per day – it happens because of new LinkedIn limitations.

How can you identify that your account is limited:

a. Open group members list and check address line – if it does not have &sik= parameter like this: – your account is limited.

b. Send message to group member manually from regular browser – if it redirects you to inbox – your account is limited.

c. Send more than 10 messages to group member manually from regular browser – if you start getting errors “You are no longer allowed to message the user” – your account is limited.

As a result of LinkedIn update some accounts are currently not able to send messages to group members at all (even on regular browser without the bot).

Also we have one account which can send only 1-2 messages and after that get errors “You are no longer allowed to message the user”.

If you can’t work with 3.4, but you can send manually group messages using inbox – update to 3.6 – this version supports sending messages from inbox (as much as allowed by LinkedIn).

What should you do?

1. If you work with version 2.6 – continue to work with it until it stops working, then update to 3.6

2. If you are working with 3.4 or 3.6 – try to not send more than 500 messages per day per account with less than 10 seconds time interval between messages.

3. If you are working with 3.4 or 3.6 and your account become limited:

a. you can wait assuming that the limit is temporary (we do not know that).

b. you can contact LinkedIn support and ask them why you can’t send group messages manually from regular browser and asking to remove limitations from account.

4. Version 3.4 and 3.6 should start sending messages as soon as your account will not be limited any more – follow step 2.

Here is additional information about new LinkedIn limitations:

Here is LinkedIn official answer we got:

linkedin response

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