Big bots cleaning

20 Jan


We have decided to stop supporting software with low demand to concentrate on developing software, which is requested mostly by our valued customers.

As a result of this decision we will stop sale and support of the following bots/scripts:

1. Instabots bundle

2. Linkbots bundle

3. Instaunfollow imacros script

4. Alimessenger bot

5. Keyword scraper BOT

6. VTvoter BOT

7. Instafollow imacros script

8. CLflagger imacros script

9. Gmail sender imacros script

10. YouTube comment liker BOT

11. Craigslist auto reply imacros script

12. Instacomment imacros script

13. Instaliker imacros script

14. Linkconn messenger Lite imacros script

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