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13 Sep

I purchased the iMacros Linkbots Bundle which includes LinkGroupPro last week and it has been a Godsend. I have been successfully marketing my business on LinkedIn but it was virtually impossible to run my business and send out all the emails to my LinkedIn Group members by hand.  I was literally pulling my hair out it was killing me so much.  Then I found iMacros and life has never been sweeter.  I decide which LinkedIn Group I want to market to… click a button or two… and then go about my normal workday… all the while my iMacros software is quietly working like a war horse in the background, delivering automated leads to my business.

Lead generation has never been so easy and so automated… I thank my lucky stars that I found iMacros… it has saved my time and literally saved my business.

Also, I am not too much of a programmer so I opted for the Remote Teamviewer install and Boris came into my computer and had my software up and running in minutes.  I even had an issue because I used Microsoft Word to create my email text and unbeknownst to me, Word adds unsupported characters to the CSV file and I rang up Boris (even though it was the weekend) and he responded to me right away!  I am so impressed with Boris and iMacros because in this world where everyone wants to automate everything… Boris stands alone as he walks the walk and is there when his Customers need him.

I am telling everyone about Boris and the exceptional care he had taken of me.  If you haven’t bought iMacros software yet… what are you waiting for… it’s a life saver and a game changer for everyone that buys.

Ed C.

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