UBOT bots are now available at Bestmacros

23 Jan


We are starting to work with UBOT studio, so now we can create much more powerful web automation desktop stand-alone bots.

From now on you do not need to install Firefox and iMacros add-on and run your automation scripts from browser, all you need is to double click on EXE file and start your bot like any other software!

So now web automation become even more simple and easy!

What do we like in Ubot?

  • Ability to create desktop application bots (EXE)
  • Connect to DB (MySQL)
  • Windows automation
  • Many useful build-in functions out-of-the-box
  • Image recognition
  • Multi-threading

What we do not like in Ubot?

  • MOST customization UI features appear only in overpriced DEV version
  • Multithreading is problematic and hard to implement
  • Almost no plugins/add-ons to enhance the bots.
  • Consumes a lot of CPU/Memory resources

Why we still use iMacros for Firefox?

  • It’s free
  • Multithreading is much more simple and easy (just run different Firefox profiles)
  • Can be run from javascript files
  • Runs inside Firefox (suits for Mac users)
  • Many add-ons can be installed to improve script automation.

What we do not like in iMacros for Firefox?

  • Affected by Firefox updates – add-on is slowly updated to suite latest changes (almost each Firefox update brake something in iMacros and it takes time until fixed)
  • Free product, so low priority support and updates
  • Runs inside browser, so affected by installed add-ons, some conflict with iMacros
  • Hard to create full automation solution (need to open browser first)
  • Paid version is overpriced and still require to learn other scripting language
  • Script distribution is super overpriced because of multiple software licenses required.
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