Affiliate networks

28 Jul

I’m trying to start selling my Facebook and LinkedIn scripts using affiliate networks and here is my current status:

1. Clickbank – They disapproved my products because they

“cannot accept a product which automatically posts comments or affiliate links on LinkedIn or Facebook.”

despite the fact that nothing about it is stated in their product requirements.

Currently I’m trying to negotiate with them to approve at least LinkedIn script, but as it look I’ll have to say goodbye to clickbank. Just spend my time on creating pitch and thank you pages….

2. Sharesale – they prefer to sell non-digital products, so no luck here.

3. Payloadz – I’ve asked them to review my products before submission, but currently they responded with generic response:

“Software products are allowed so there should not be an issue with your product(s).”

currently I’m waiting for a proper product review from them.

4. Plimus – They approved my products!!! Fast and simple!

“That looks good.”

Plimus, you are number one!

5. E-junkie – They disapproved my LinkedIn scripts, because:

“use of your software to automate messages via LinkedIn would be a violation of their terms and therefore is also in violation of ours”

so I’m waiting their resolution about Facebook scripts, as far as it looks like this will be same story, as with clickbank.

BTW, I’m promoting my products using Google Adwords, Youtube Ads and Facebook Ads and none of them have any problem with my product promotion…

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