What people write when they request free bots, scripts and macros

30 Jun


I would like to share some messages people write when they request free bots, scripts and macros.

Here you go:

g****[email protected] – wrote: “!”

w***[email protected] – wrote: “Sent from Windows Mail”

j***[email protected] – wrote: “bot”

z***[email protected] – wrote: “Hi i want the download links of freee script, and i want the facebook unsubscribe please :c”

a***[email protected] – wrote: “could you please give me some scripts for addmefast & youlikehits ?”

b***[email protected] – wrote: “Hi,I would like to request scripsts for the following bots: 

  1. Twitter – one click login imacros script
  2. Twitter – Follow other user’s followers
  3. Twitter – Unfollow your non-followers
  4. Twitter – Random retweet
  5. Twitter – Promote followers 
  6. Twitter  – Follow by keyword Thank you”

c***[email protected] – wrote: “Thanks!”

d***[email protected] – wrote: “Please for me link download tool in your site Thanks”

t***[email protected] – wrote: “Cheers”

t***[email protected] – wrote: “Hi, I need Soundcloud follow bot for followers. Thanks for the help.Please send it ASAP Sent from Windows Mail”

s***[email protected] – wrote: “i want it”

and many more…..






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