Corona Virus application bot

Corona Virus application bot

We have released free Corona virus application bot.

The bot does not require any installation and is ready to run.

The bot show information about Corona virus infected, dead and recovered people.

The bot auto update and auto scroll the data.

The bot auto refresh the data.

See how it works

Get it here for free

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Gmail sender bot updated to 1.0.9

Gmail sender bot updated to 1.0.9

Auto Send email messages using Gmail with Windows bot

This windows application bot will help you to send multiple email messages using Google Gmail.

What’s new in 1.0.9:

  • Added ability to set proxy for each google account – supported are http proxies in ip:port format and in ip:port:username:password format
  • fixed attachment issue – the bot will no longer ask for attachments if it was not provided

Get it here

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Tumblr poster bot has been updated

Tumblr poster bot has been updated

We have updated our Tumblr poster bot to support Tumblr new login screen.

Tumblr auto poster bot can be used with our Amazon Bestsellers products list for affiliate marketing.

Using IFTTT every affiliate product posted to Tumblr can be automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, WordPress, Reddit, Weebly and others.

Check example Tumblr bot HERE

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How to unblock the software if it was blocked by windows defender

Sometimes Windows defender blocks completely harmless software from independent software developers, because the software is not signed (which cost a lot of money).

It brings false positive reports about generic Viruses or Trojans, while the software is absolutely safe to use.

In this case, user would need to unblock the software and prevent the windows defender from blocking it.

We have made small video, which shows how to do it.

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Gmail sender bot update

Gmail sender bot has been updated to 1.0.8

This windows application bot will help you to send multiple email messages using Google Gmail.

With this bot you can easily spread your word among your email contacts.

What’s new:

  1. User agent updated to latest version of Chrome
  2. Added ability to add attachment file

Get it here

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Bestmacros has a new look

bestmacros website

We are happy to announce the new look of our !

Now it has modern view with attention to new web technologies and features.

Speed and performance has been improved as well as many customer-related widgets like contact us form and FAQ.

Feel free to visit us and check a new design.

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Bing traffic bot

Auto generate Bing organic traffic with Windows application bot

This Windows application bot will help you to auto generate Bing organic traffic by searching your keyword in Bing and clicking your website link.
With this bot you can easily generate Bing organic traffic to any website or blog.
You can generate traffic with SINGLE CLICK!

Highly recommended!

This bot was made to help you with your Internet activity.
Forget about annoying manual traffic generation! Automate it!

Main Features of the bot:

  • Select what Bing search to use.
  • Multi threaded (emulates number of simultaneous users).
  • Emulates real human typing.
  • Multiple keywords support (randomly selected each round).
  • Build-in proxy checker tool to test proxies.
  • Works on Win7/8/10
  • Works on any domain link.
  • Set your keyword to search in Bing.
  • Clears cookies, cache, flash cookies, history after each round.
  • Searches your domain link on first 20 pages of search results.
  • Set Min/Max time interval to wait on your pages.
  • Set amount of visits per thread.
  • Supports socks5, socks4, public http proxies and private http proxies and proxyrotator.
  • Auto clicks on random internal link on target website to prevent bounce rate count.
  • Ability to provide internal links to be skipped from clicking.
  • Build-in user agents random rotation.
  • Ability to edit useragents used by the bot.
  • Auto save last configuration.
  • Auto load last configuration on start.
  • Ability to schedule and auto run the bot using windows task scheduler.
  • New random proxy option.
  • Auto check proxy before each run.
  • Auto block dead proxies during the run.
  • Display proxy in use for each thread.

This will help you on your daily Internet activity.   If you are even thinking about doing business on Internet, you’ll want this bot. Auto generate Bing organic traffic with this super powerful BTraffic bot.  

Watch how it works:

Of course, one of the BIGGEST and MOST VALUABLE parts of BTraffic bot is the fact that you can generate UNLIMITED number of Bing organic traffic with it!

Get it here

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